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I admire individuals and couples for coming into therapy; for making a considered investment in their own professional, personal, relationship or sexual well-being.


With over twenty-eight years of professional experience I draw from a wide range of therapeutic techniques, which are taught in such a way that you can internalise these techniques as tools and implement them between sessions; and long after your therapy has ended in order to maintain positive change and help prevent relapse into unwanted behaviour.

Professional Studies & Experience

As a transpersonal and integrative psychotherapist I draw upon transpersonal, psychodynamic, intercultural, cognitive-behavioral, relational, couple and psychosexual, and systemic psychologies in order to accommodate the specific needs of each client and couple.


I have achieved over sixteen years of postgraduate professional training in psychotherapy, couple therapy, psychosexual therapy, dream analysis, and in the clinical supervision of couple therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, and group work. Having gained a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy I subsequently have completed the three year clinical component of a Doctoral program in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.


Over the last twenty-eight years I have been employed within in the psychotherapeutic milieu that includes the voluntary, statutory, health service, and postgraduate education sectors, to senior management level.

Postgraduate Practice

Since the late 1990s I have been employed in postgraduate education; teaching and providing academic and clinical supervision to students at Postgraduate Diploma, Masters Degree, and Postqualifying levels in the professional disciplines of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, and Clinical Supervision.


I design and facilitate specialist postgraduate training modules that include Couple and Psychosexual Therapies, Trauma and Addiction, Difference and Diversity, and Continuing Professional Development (CDP) programs for postqualifed practitioners.

Working Philosophy

Each human being is unique, with a very individual history and thus responds to the world and its challenges in their own specific way. Therefore, my philosophy is to work with each individual or couple holistically, taking into account their unique experience of their care system, culture, and all the other multiple contexts that form their personal history and subsequent world view.

Difference & Diversity

I am respectful and affirmative of difference and diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, creed, sexuality, gender, physical ability, and spirituality. I have taught postgraduate modules on Difference & Diversity for over twenty years to trainee and qualified counselling and psychotherapy practitioners.




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