Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself  - Lao Tzu


Psychotherapy is a psychological approach for individuals wishing to manage a current issue, life crisis or to explore longer-term difficulties. Through psychotherapy you could achieve a sense of equilibrium, personal and professional satisfaction, and realise your own potential.


Psychotherapy can help specifically with the following issues:


alcohol and drug misuse


anger management


anxiety and phobic states


bereavement and loss


blocks in creativity


general feelings of unhappiness


loss of motivation


life-stage crises - relationship breakdown, redundancy or retirement


psychosomatic conditions and illness


relationships and intimacy


sex, sexuality and sexual identity


self-limiting thoughts and behavior


self-esteem and body-image issues


spirituality and spiritual crisis


stress management




Psychotherapy can be short or longer-term and is tailored according to your specific needs.


I am a Psychotherapist with nine years of postgraduate psychotherapy training to Masters and Advanced levels in Transpersonal and Integrative psychotherapies.

07784 233 878

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